Seed for Resilience Project- Nigeria

Seed for Resilience (SfR) Project in collaboration between NACGRAB and Global Crop Diversity Trust came into existence in order to improve use and management of seed collections through multi-stakeholder processes. SFR in Nigeria has two broad major interventions; implementation of Recommendation Action Plans (RAP) for upgrading of the genebank and User engagement activities. The focus crops are sorghum, cowpea, pearl millet, okra and yam. However, both sorghum and cowpea are targeted for the Users engagement component of the project. This is done to introduce diversity of sorghum and cowpea and other crops to farmers in Nigeria to mitigate the effects of climate change which will in turn boost famers productivity and ensuring food security in Nigeria.

The Users engagement component of the SfR was replicated in three (3) States including Oyo, Niger and Kano States where indigenous sorghum and cowpea were established on the field and farmers were mobilized across each State to examine and select their choice among accessions of sorghum and cowpea based on their desirable traits such as earliness, seed colour, panicle size

The Global Crop Diversity Trust (Crop Trust) recently organised Genebank Operations and Advanced Learning (GOAL) workshop under the auspices of Seeds for Resilience (SFR) Project between 6th-10th March, 2023 at Movenpick Hotel, Casablanca, Morocco. The objectives of the objective of the workshop were to develop the capacity of SFR national genebanks to deliver their mandate activities at globally accepted standard.