National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB) organizes Farmers Field Day/ Participatory Varietal Selection (PVS) and Seed Diversity Fair between December 18 – 29th ,2023 in the three (3) project states, Kisi (Oyo), Badeggi (Niger) and Bagauda (Kano). The Germplasm Users Group (GUG) members were exposed to diversity of One hundred and fifty (150) accessions of both sorghum and cowpea during the PVS. These smallholder farmers participated in the selection of best performing accessions (genotypes) based on the observed desirable traits such as earliness, panicle size, seed colour, panicle shape, pod size etc.

Moreover, Seed diversity fair was also conducted in the project states to promote exchange of germplasm grown and produced locally as this will help to insure farmers against climatic uncertainties by availing different crop types and varieties. This programme was characterized by display of diversity of crop species such as sorghum, cowpea, millet, melon, indigenous beans etc. by different clusters/groups. Farmers were seen exchanging plant materials not found in their locality among themselves and there was also donation of germplasm with unique traits made to the Genebank. Also, indigenous knowledge associated with these materials was documented and share among the participants.